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ATR type-rated Captains and First officers (EU-based)

Our client, DAT, is excited to announce open positions on their ATR fleet for the 2024 season.

DAT is looking for type-rated individuals to join their growing fleet.

  • Market competitive salary
  • Base of choice in EU from EU airport with good connectivity
  • ID tickets with 40+ airlines worldwide for yourself and family after 6 months


  • Proven Experience: Demonstrated experience flying ATR aircraft variants
  • Valid ATPL or CPL License: Hold a valid Airline Transport Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License.
  • Class 1 Medical Certificate: Maintain a current and valid class 1 medical certificate.
  • No-incident/accident certificate issued by authority or previous employer.
  • No criminal record.
  • ELP Level 4 or higher

DAT offers you

  • Both flexible (20-10) and fixed rosters/schedules (14-14)
  • Guaranteed off-days per month
  • Travel benefits on 70+ airlines through MY ID TRAVEL system (i.e. Applicable to you, immediate family, and designated companions).
  • Monthly guaranteed payment all year round.
  • Block hour and sector payment.
  • Home base at approved major airport.
  • Opportunity to commute (live at your home and then travel to where the aircraft is).
  • Fast track command opportunities for FOs based on assessment and qualifications.
  • Varied Flying to multiple destinations
  • Opportunities to move to A320 in the future

Why NCS and DAT is Your Next Destination:

🚀 Attitude Above All: At NCS, we believe that a positive attitude is the engine that powers success in the aviation industry. We are looking for pilots who bring enthusiasm, adaptability, flexibility and a collaborative spirit to the cockpit. Your attitude is not just a complement to your skills; it’s a crucial element in determining your career progression.

✈️ Skills Mastery: As an ATR pilot, your technical expertise is paramount. Joining our team means not only showcasing your proven experience in flying ATR aircraft variants but also a commitment to continuous improvement. We invest in training programs to ensure you stay at the forefront of aviation technology and safety.

💼 Loyalty Rewarded, Seniority Redefined: Seniority is not the sole factor in determining your career trajectory at DAT. They recognize and reward loyalty, dedication, and a proactive approach. Your commitment to the airline is valued, and promotions are based on the merit of your contributions, attitude, and demonstrated skills in the cockpit.